I Haven’t Left, Yet

car-driving-into-sunsetI’m still around; I’ve just been busy for the past month.

Just realized that my last post was January 19th. Damn.
Anyway, on the surface I’ve been studying this test for my teaching credential here in California. It has been a b*tch; realizing that I didn’t have to take this test in the first place for what I want to do right now. Oh well, it’s over with now, hopefully I passed it.

I’ve been lying low for a bit (can’t you tell?). I’ve gone ahead and deleted my Facebook so that I wouldn’t get distracted from studying. Though originally it was to get a “clean break” from all the friends that I had.

Eh, too long of a story.

A lot of changes “under the hood” so to speak – though I was hoping to be able to win a million dollars by now. Darn again.

My posts will be sporadic at best. Some Aikido here and there, no so much personal life any more, unless it’s big and crazy and balls-to-the-wall awesome.

Oh, both of my Sensei got promoted. One is now a 7th Dan and the other got 8th. Am happy for both, however I feel that things are starting to get politicalized bit by bit.

As for myself, I feel different as a black belt – but that’s a secret. I don’t kiss and tell, but I’m sure in the future I’ll write more. Till next time

10 thoughts on “I Haven’t Left, Yet

      1. Dude you asked me where I have been lol. i just transferred to a different university. School and work? If you were asking for some kind of grandiose answer then.. I don’t know man….

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