A Vision Quest on the Edge of the World

1618285_741788602511401_1539220110_oI went to the Monterey, CA – mainly because I realized before that I haven’t been to the beach by myself in a long, long time. That and Santa Cruz, although a more familiar spot – would have waaaay too many people.

After I had arrived at my hostel, I immediately went about searching for “the” spot – whatever that spot would be. Not too far from the hostel I found a small rocky outcrop that was open to the public. The weather was rather stormy that evening, but there was something…

Majestic? And Mysterious

At this rocky out crop I took myself, car keys, and magnum flashlight and sat myself as close as possible the raging surf . You know the part where the tops of the waves just barely touch your feet? Yeah I got that close.

And I just sat there, looking out at the ocean

I must have been there for 30 minutes, just sitting there in the darkness. There were a few passerby, but none bothered me. It was just me and the ocean.


The next day after checking out I went out to a section of the Monterey peninsula where it was just sandy beaches and (more) rocky outcrops. But the one that I found was even more formidable than the one that I found during my first night.

It was some 50 yards into the surf, 10 foot waves would lash as this point where I had found and the tops of the waves would occasional touch where I was standing. It was a really nice place.

Like my first spot, I probably spent a good 30 minutes just sitting there. What finally got me out was when I was splashed by one huge wave – my entire left side got wet!

In the end I laughed; that was expected given how close I was to the pounding surf.

I may be inclined to share what came to me while I was staring at the Pacific Ocean for all those minutes. Until then, I’m hoping that things  turn out better sooner for me.


At for the hostel, I chose because of the situation; you’re stuck in a location with people from around the world where you would have to talk. Something that I’ve taken up on recently – rebuilding my social skills.

Meet up with an American who had spent the last 5 years in Vietnam and the 3 years before that in various European countries. Had a long discussion with him and another fellow regarding the politics of the day.

Also met up with a girl who was backpacking through the US. Originally from Florida, she had gone through SoCal before landing here in Monterey.

Finding her kind of cute, I decided to try to get her contact information, but alas I believe I overstepped my bounds and instead was stuck with her blog, which upon reflection is not bad given the totality of the situation.

Anyway, maybe flirting while going on a vision quest wasn’t the brightest idea.

Till next time.

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