Dear World, This is What I Want, Part 2

I want to be where the waves crash against the rocks,
while showing the world that your thoughts are only
figments of the imagination;
While our true selves do not care what our minds make ourselves to be.

I want to get lost, to where the ego goes to fulfill its greatest fantasies, yet die at the realization that something greater is coming.

I want to burn through all the bullshit that is in my life, to reveal who I truly am – on the mat and off the mat.

I want be on the knife edge the separates safety
and truly living,  for I am starting to realize that, it is only after we walk out of our comfort zone, do we truly begin to live. Ergo when we truly have the chance to actualize ourselves.

I want to rise, straight from the bottom of hell – both my own and that of the world – and rise I will, straight to the high heavens where only the angels and gods live.


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