9 Questions That’ll Help You Find Your Dream Career – By Forbes Magazine

crossroadsThe original questionnaire can be found here

  1. If I could choose one friend to trade jobs with, I’d choose ____________, because ____________.

  2. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to do ____________. It’s interesting to me because ____________.

  3. If I had the right education or skill set, I’d definitely try ____________, because ____________.

  4. If I had to go back to school tomorrow, I’d major in ____________, because ____________.

  5. My co-workers and friends always say I’m great at ____________, because ____________.

  6. The thing I love most about my current job is ____________, because ____________.

  7. If my boss would let me, I’d do more of ____________, because ____________.

  8. If I had a free Saturday that had to be spent “working” on something, I’d choose ____________, because ____________.

  9. When I retire, I want to be known for ____________, because ____________.

Here are my answers:

1. My cousin Stanford, [because] he has A LOT of money (he earns a fat six figure salary running operations at an international casino).
6. the free food and flexibility, [because] the company cares about its employees
7. Writing, [because] I like to do it.
8. Martial arts, [because] I consider myself an athlete (and I love it)
9. Changing the world, [because] I had to change myself and beat the odds.

As for the other questions, I have no freaking idea how to answer them because quite frankly, I don’t have experiences that showed me those answers. I might go back and answer the rest of the questions, but I’m at a lose as to what to put down.

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