Wishing for a Safe Life

I was finishing up my speech for Toastmasters when my train of thought went back in time.

You see my mother came to the US as a war refugee from Cambodia. Growing up, I would constantly hear her give prayers for a “safe and easy life” (she’s Buddhist). She would also say things such as “pray for a problem free life” or things like “pray for a happy life, a good life”.

It suddenly struck me how hypocritical this was.

There’s no such thing as an “easy” or “safe” life. That is an absolute, BS lie. There is really no such thing. At that moment I realized that I’ve been playing it “safe” all these years and it has cost me more opportunities than I care to admit.  During my mini vacation to Monterey I realized that – among other things – that the world does not care what you think about it. You can try to control it as much as you can, it’ll still do what its doing.

Realizing this, I haven’t been following my own advice.

Screw it, you only live twice.

Now my question to myself nowadays is: What would I do in order to follow this piece of advice every month for the rest of my life?

you only live twice 02
Mr. Blofeld approves of this message.

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