Martial Arts Joke of the Day

Read this somewhere – forgot the source- but I thought I’d share this with a funny personal anecdote.

A Chinese martial artist, a Korean martial artist, and a Japanese martial artist are walking along a beach. All of the sudden, they encounter a tall stone wall that extended perpendicular along the shore. Knowing that they had to get to the other side, each one set out to do so. The Chinese martial artist walked up to the wall and promptly pressed the wall with his finger. After a few moments of doing so, he shrugged and walked off.

The Japanese martial artist then  walked up to the wall, squatted down in a horse stance, and began pounding the wall with his fists. After a while, the  section of the wall came down. However his hands were reduced to bloody stumps.

The Korean martial artist looked at the wall, took a few large steps back from it. In a  screaming kiai  he jumped up and with a 180° spin kick his section of the wall.  Despite this, the wall remained standing. With that, he shrugged and walked on, like his Chinese counterpart.

As I’m writing this, I remembered that this came from an interview (forgot who) with a Korean martial arts master  who had been asked the question that ran something along the lines of “Which style of martial art is better?”. If I remember correctly, part of his answer was  explaining how the master pressing his finger on the wall is symbolic of how in Chinese martial arts, there is the ideal of “there is always another way”.

The Japanese martial artist with the bloody stumps represents  the  culture in general; how they would do anything to achieve something, even at great cost.

As for the Korean martial artist, this master has stated that Korean martial arts are a blend of both Chinese and Japanese arts – hence the spinning high kick.

I found this explanation and story a bit superficial, however I do see – ha ha – how to three cultures developed their respective arts.

As for me, I am starting to think that I am training in a Japanese martial art with a Chinese mentality.

Oh well. Just my two cents.

I'd be like this if I was at the wall.
I’d be like this if I was at the wall.

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