Social Fasting, Part 2

Calm_before_the_StormThe vibes from tonight’s training was weird. It was as if someone had put out a dark cloud around me and everything was avoiding it.

The difference now? That I noticed it. I’m know I’m evil, but so much so that my fellow Aikidoists are afraid? I hope I’m no Anakin Skywalker…

On another note, I feel that my form and presence are changing. I still remember that one line that my sensei told me after (before a committee) the test:

…Your technique is good – even great, but you have no presence…

He stopped me and my uke to go through a technique.  I’ve forgotten what he said to me (only 3 hours ago), but whatever he said to me, it was showing me that I was *this* close to a breakthrough in my presence.

Let the breakthroughs come. Until then, more social fasting.

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