Dead at 25; Just waking up

Something that I’ve been mulling over:


The only difference? I like to say I died at age 9…
However, this in turn leads me to this:


This really does make sense. I mean, people don’t really change. An asshole is always going to be an asshole. However, as was taught to me, that asshole could wake up and realize that by always being an asshole he’d be shooting himself in the foot in terms of making friends.

I’ve been there.

Hell the list goes on and on; For example: I was never a true Scorpio until now (cue in James Bond adventure). I never fully actualized my athleticism until just a couple years ago. And finally I never fully realized that how I led my life in the first two decades was a complete waste of time!

Damn. Now if I’ll excuse myself – I have a life to live with my 6 senses on full and standby.

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