Operation Fasting – Week 1

14507-monk-meditating-1280x800-photography-wallpaperSo this week marks the first week I did a 3 day fast. For 3 days (Monday – Wednesday) I fasted for 12 hours during the day.

Why? It started with this article. After reading that article, as well as this one, I just decided:

“Why the hell not?”

And so I did.  It actually wasn’t that bad. I had these weird spasms during the days, but other than that it was fine. It’s been only the first week however, so nothing has changed that I’ve noticed.

Though, after getting back from my ill-fated date yesterday – while finishing off my pint here to my right, I think I just gained back the calories that my body worked off Monday through Wednesday.

Besides, since I’m sitting on my ass in a cubicle 5 days a week, the fast does make some sense.

I will be repeating this schedule for the next 3 weeks. Hope it all goes well.

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