tumblr_mdvs5gQFvS1qaqczz…I spend a lot of my time alone.

In my car, at a restaurant, at a coffee shop. I surmise this was because while growing up I had no private time at all. Finding out a few years ago that I need immense amounts of time alone to process a lot of things that happen in my life was a relief.

But at the same time I realize now that I need to be more social – and on a regular basis.

So finally after all these years I realize I’m not crazy after all, but just a man who needs his space. Yes, I am an introvert.

Just realized this now; society doesn’t look at introverted men very kindly. Maybe cultures from Asia (China, Japan, etc.) look at introverted men nicer, but in general introvert men aren’t regarded highly. Maybe it’s just me, but James Bond doesn’t brood for nothing.



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