Taking the Controls in the Clouds

F-16 fighter pilotsI’ve been reading a lot of self improvement blogs and videos (Les Brown is a current favorite) lately. One of the activities that I remember from a while back was to imagine what your first memory was.

Like ever.

Well my first memory was me flying an airplane. Yes, my dad had gotten home and had given me a gift. The picture of that moment is somewhere actually.

I was maybe 4 years old. The plane that was in my hand was a propeller plane from WW2. The images that I get are ones of me just running around the house happy and high on cloud 9 with that plane in my right hand pretending that I was the pilot.

According to the self improvement piece, your very first memory is a very good indicator of your personality.

So I guess I am suppose to be a pilot with his head in cloud 9?

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