Getting Fired

Losing_Your_Job_1540_485147706.jpgSo I got fired from my job the other day.

Not put on suspension, not given a 2 week (involuntary) notice. No just fired.

You know honestly I realized about 2 months ago that I hated being a cube warrior – that the position helping strangers navigate the maze that is ordering swimsuits online was in part, more of a chore rather than benefiting the whole situation that included me, my coworkers, supervisors, and the company as a whole.

I guess I got selfish, and was to hasty in my desire to “move up”. Is 6 months too soon? I spoke to a friend about this and he said yes it was. Realizing (perhaps too late) that I was too aggressively pursuing my goals and it was obvious to my supervisors that I wanted sometime more than just answering phone calls.

The tipping point (and the cause of all of the my eventual dismissal) was about 2 months ago where, in the mist of not being able to get a position that I wanted, my frustration and inner anger came out and I botched an order with a customer. I forgot the exact details, but the sticking point was that I didn’t go back and fix the order with the customer and one of my supervisors did it for me.

Either way, looking back that was the beginning of the end.

Personally? I feel that perhaps I had approached this job with the wrong attitude. Forget the fact online customer service in a cube is not for me (that much is true), but rather I saw this job as a “replacement” for my previous (low pay, low reward) retail job. After the incident that I detailed above I realized this and began simply to “follow the rules”. I felt unappreciative to this position which offered much rudimentary business skill development despite the bad position.

You know what’s weird though? I don’t feel one bit sad or mad at this.

…Okay maybe it hasn’t hit me yet. But really, the past 3 firings I was quite emotional. But this one I don’t know? I guess the reason why i’m not feeling too broken up about it is because now I know who I am. I knew that the position wasn’t for me and that the reason why I was applying in-house and out house was because I knew that the phone position wasn’t for me and that I was of much better use “somewhere else” (what that somewhere is – is a whole other journey).

Maybe it was all that “researching” that I did on the side of how to find your passion (during slow periods in the day, I’d go and read self improvement blogs and how-to’s).

I can’t shake the feeling that perhaps this is a blessing in disguise. However, I shouldn’t think too much into it – besides I haven’t even consumed any alcohol at this point.

Wait I forgot, my friends and I went to a sushi place yesterday and bought me a few shots of sake.


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