Getting Fired – Part 2

Losing_Your_Job_1540_485147706.jpgIt’s been a few days since I got fired and I’ll tell you, it’s a bit of a trip.

So this firing marks the fifth (5!) job that I’ve been fired from in the past 6 years since I moved back home. Yes I am too perplexed and a little weirded out that I can’t hold a job.

Yesterday I made a list – nothing formal – but it contained all of the jobs that I’ve held since 2008; internships and all.

What I found out was that out of the 11 paid positions that I have had since 2008, I was fired/asked to leave from all of them except for 4.

Jesus, just looking at that makes me feel embarrassed to admit this publicly.

After this firing, there were moments where I felt that there was something wrong with me. Like I was trying to do something and it just didn’t work out.

I realize now that perhaps I’ve doing it wrong this whole time.

2 thoughts on “Getting Fired – Part 2

    1. Hey Alpha,
      Thanks for dropping by! Yeah I’m taken inventory – a stumbling block is that my passion(s) and “innate gifts” haven’t been really fulfilled in my life so I’d have to start from scratch somewhere. Where that “somewhere” is, is the thing I need to find out now.

      Hope you drop by more often!

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