Operation Fasting – Week 4 (Final Week)

14507-monk-meditating-1280x800-photography-wallpaperSo yesterday marked the last week in a 4 week fasting period. What I had done was for three (3) consecutive days each week, for 4 weeks in row I would not eat any solid or liquid foods for 12 hour spans.

For those of you who didn’t read the article in my first post, I’ll post it here again. 

may have not read the whole article in its entirety, however I believe (hah!) I followed the basic protocols.

This last week was a lot harder than the previous 3 weeks I must say. In the first 3 weeks the impulse for hunger was manageable. But man the 4th week it was…interesting.

EVERY time I saw food the thought of eating it flew into my mind. It got maddening sometimes.

But whenever this happened – it didn’t feel…odd. These thoughts of food felt almost like…a challenge. A challenge to resist them and to follow through the original plan – which was to not eat for 12 hours straight.

Funny that the first two weeks of this fast was easy. If I only feel the temptations for food 4 weeks in, would I have to have more of these 3 day fasts to test myself?

For now I’m just glad that I’m back to eating normally.


3 thoughts on “Operation Fasting – Week 4 (Final Week)

  1. Hey Drew

    Congrats on completing your fast!

    I started a similar fasting program myself just this week, but it is a little different from what you did. My regime is more of an alternate day fast – it works out to a 3-day-a-week-fast.

    On fasting days I will have a large breakfast, and then not eat anything until breakfast the next morning when I return to my normal “feeding” day – it works out to 20-24 hours of eating and drinking nothing except for water. I’m shocked that I have not had the mad food cravings – yes I get hungry, but I just fill my stomach with water.

    My wife who has done various fasting programs over the years says that I can drink coffee or tea – but with absolutely no sweeteners, except for Stevia – to help alleviate hunger pangs.

    So far so good, I have fasted three days this week, and I am sleeping through the night without waking up once, for the first time in years. I plan on keeping up on this fasting regime indefinitely. Hope I make it!

    1. Hey Ben, nice of you of you to drop by!
      What got you to do the fasts in the first place? What have you noticed regarding the fasts? That’s cool that you and your wife are doing it together (or somewhat?). Is this an ongoing thing or just something that you do off and on?

      Besides that, I haven’t visited your site in a while, Sorry I should get to that. However, I should tell you that your comment system keeps on kicking me off for some reason…

      1. I started fasting because of the health benefits, but also to help foster a mentality of discipline and reward deferral – I think the latter two traits make for less selfishness.

        I have been surprised that the physical side of the fasting (i.e. the hunger) has been somewhat easier to handle than the emotional or psychological – even positive self-denial brings up a whole slew of issues!

        I plan on doing an initial fasting period of about 6-8 weeks, and then go from there. I would like to make fasting a regular part of my regime, and maybe continue with at least 2 fasting days a week indefinitely.

        As for my commenting system, are you saying that you try to post comments but they don’t show up? I use the comment system provided by Google Blogger and have it set up to send any comments on posts older than 2 weeks to moderation. I do that mainly so that I can keep up easily with newer comments on older posts. Other than that, I am not sure why your comments would not show up or why you would get kicked off. I publish pretty much all comments from moderation and probably deleted no more than 3 comments total in the life of my blog – none came from you!

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