5 Things I noticed from Fasting

Credit: The Art of Manliness
Credit: The Art of Manliness
  1. ) Starting out was easy, maintaining the willpower to follow through on anything is the hard part.
  2. ) (Back when I was working) This on-off fasting is great when doing office work. Think about it, you’re sitting on your ass anyway for 6-8 hours a day – much longer than it is healthy for anyone. You might as well cut down the amount of calories that you’d be consuming some way!
  3. )You focus on getting water more often! This also starves off hunger – albeit only a little bit. But in the past 4 weeks I really didn’t have a water issue for those days.
  4. ) During the days of the fast I really did feel more focused. Focused on whatever things or issues that I had during those days. It could have something to do with the next point. But in general I do feel more focused.
  5. ) I noticed that my “here and now” was noticeably better. In Aikido, we’ve been trained in a way to get “present” – to be so open and loose that we are in the moment – where things just happen as they are and that there is no interference from ourselves. I noticed that during these times of fasting that the ability to get to this mode was easier. It may not have anything to do with me not having any food for 12 hours straight, but it was just an observation.

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