Thanksgiving Check in

I'm losing my shit! Losing your shit is never good...
I’m losing my shit! Losing your shit is never good…

It’s been a while, but I hope you all have had a lovely Thanksgiving with your family and/or friends.

Having your wallet, car keys, and phone stolen from you – the day before thanksgiving – will certainly make one thankful for those who come to your aid, as what has happened to me this week.

So far I have to wait one more day until my new credit card arrives. It’ll be at least one week before I get a new phone – but I’m happy to say that things are starting to come back together. Now I just need to fight the lines for the my new drivers license come Monday…

I call it “Mother Nature’s left field ball” – Something like this happened to me already. This is where I obtained some sort of enlightenment or life changing realization. Then suddenly life will then hand me a smack down – quite possibly to test my newly obtained mastery at kick-assness (or something like that).

As for my Thanksgiving, I spent it mainly by myself – and broke! Hopefully something good will come out of this.

On a side note, my bank told me that whoever stole my credit card used it to buy $240 worth of Jack in the Box. For my non-American readers, it’s a fast food chain.

I had a good laugh – if I stole someone’s card, I’d totally buy a big screen TV!


It turns out that they also toke my hakama and martial arts uniform (gi) as well. Damn bastards! One way to pissed off an aikidoist is to take their hakama! Funny though, they didn’t go for my laptop…

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