I think I’ve found what I was looking for!

diamondintheroughFinally, after almost 7 years, I believe that I’ve found what I was looking for when I came back to the Bay Area.

You see, it was February 2008 when I made the decision to come back home where my parents lived. I had just came back from Los Angeles after being let go at my job as a teller at Washington Mutual (the bank as since been absorbed is now Chase Bank here in the USA).

I was at an extreme low point then; my goal of staying away from my parents had just collapsed with my firing, and I was essentially without a goal – professional, personal, or emotional for that matter.

The only thing that I had going was a hunch – the hunch that I was missing something in my life. That hunch also stated that I’d find what I was looking here at home – the last place I wanted to be at.

With that said, looking back at 2014, if I was asked if I could pick one thing that would benefit me for my future, I’d pick the fact that I realized this:

That it was never about running away from home or being away from my blood family. It was always about changing the mindset that I was taught by my family – to “leave” the old, corrupt, negative ways behind and to adapt newer, more productive, position ways of being. 

It was leaving the victim attitude that I had grown up in behind, and adopting an expansive, more “victor” like stance towards the world.

I suppose the greatest gifts in the world aren’t possessions so much, it’s the letting go of old, hindering ways of being. Merry Christmas everyone!


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