A Very, Very Merry Christmas

Christmas-gift-openingThis year, I probably got the best present I’ve every received in the past decade. And it wasn’t even a physical present.

Instead it was a realization about my roots – my upbringing rather.

You see, what I’ve noticed that each and every family has a “culture” – a specific set of traits that they (partners) pass on to their offspring. Kind of like how we all inherit “ticks” from our parents.

Well I learned that the main “tick” that I learned from my parents was helplessness. To be more precise, the behavior to “I am a victim of the world and that I can’t change anything.”

The gift you see – was the realization afterward. I am in charge of whether or not I believe I am the victim – or a victim for that matter. I am not the victim or casualty of the wrongs that happened in the past. Nor am I a victim of the attacks by those who believe themselves to be right about myself and my capabilities.

I know that I grew up in an environment which encouraged a “victim” mentality – not owning up to your mistakes and simply letting things be for the sake of not standing up for yourself and not stating what you truly feel.

But what I also know is that I will get rid of this “tick” and emerge as a courageous, responsible, proactive, intense, aggressive, game changer. I will have changed to the point that I will not recognize who I used to be with my family.

And neither will my family recognize me.

And that ladies and gentlemen, was my Christmas gift for this year. I leave you now with a beautiful yearly tradition on youtube which I find fits my new found mission. With that said, I hope all of you had a merry Christmas!

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