Yin and Yang

53ab3a57374eb93035d69661060db0ab-d5inq7bI’ve noticed this trend from my own experiences with my own parents and with energy work.

In my current Aikido career, I’ve been expose to a lot of what would be called “energy work”; metaphysical forces that can make up who and what a person is. Why they do certain things, how they do them, what kind of person they are, etc.

Yin and Yang is a big topic among a lot of esoteric martial arts/religions/spiritual thinking coming from the Eastern Asian continent; Yang being the “male/masculine” and Yin being the “female/feminine” aspect of the universe.

I was thinking about this with relation to parents and I realized something.

The father figure is usually the one that teaches you “how to do things” and your mother figure is usually the one that teaches you the “ideals” – the things you want in life or ideals you want to reach in life.

So in some form or another – your father imparted in you your way of going after your goals; the “means of achieving”. Meanwhile, your mother is the one who imparted in you the goal(s) that you are going after/want in life.

Damn – that’s enough philosophy for one day.

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