Happy New Year!

A new dawn is here.
A new dawn is here.

So a new year has came! I hope that all of my readers had a safe yet fun way of bringing in the new year. As for myself, I went to a local club and – by accident – met some of my friends there and I ended spending the night dancing away. There were a few cute girls, but I was concentrating having fun with the women that I was with (I was with a group of 7).

I didn’t quite accomplish everything that I set out to do in 2014. That I am disappointed – however I read some time ago that it’s better to count your blessings in conjunction with your losses rather than just your losses.

I’m just going to state my blessings.


  • Realizing that I needed to drop limiting beliefs rather than putting physical distance between myself and those who I want to distance myself from.
  • Avoid negative/emotional vampires at all costs.
  • My intuition has always been right, or has always been in the ballpark when it comes to decisions.
  • I’ve been an asshole to the people who i shouldn’t have been to, and I’ve been paying dues to the assholes who shouldn’t be receiving anything.
  • I can’t go at life alone
  • I’ve always needed mentors. I just never really knew how to find them and keep them.

Now my desires for 2015

  • Moving out of my family’s house! (A big one)
  • “Divorcing” from my negative family members – there are some people who I should have left a long time ago.
  • I will grab a position that is in line with my skills and allows me to live independently on my own (apartment, etc.).

To the new dawn.

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