New Year Resolutions

OWNewCoverI was never great with resolutions – like most of the population I’d readily forget it within a month’s time.

However I did find a book last year that really got me excited about making resolutions again. It’s One Word that will Change Your Life. by Jon Gordon, Dan Britton, and Jimmy Page. (You can find it here at Amazon)

It’s a short read (I think 60 pages) so definitely something you can do in an afternoon. It’s written by a group of Christian Ministers – but I believe you don’t have to be Christian (or religious) to receive the message.

Like a lot of you, I’d break/lose my resolutions half way through February and just give up soon afterward. This is definitely something much more manageable and something that I am sticking with from now on.

So last year my word was RISE. This year I originally had revolution, but after realizing that a personal revolution wouldn’t necessarily mean growth, I chose the word Transformation.

I figured that any transformation would include a change in the old order of my life anyway.

So I’m off to a year of transformation.

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