An Introduction

So for those of you who don’t know, I was a substitute teacher for a few years actually.

  • I’ve taught at schools where the biggest problem were kids not doing their homework.
  • I’ve taught at schools where both parents earn at least $250,000/year – and it shows with their 11 year old sons and daughters having the latest iPads and Samsungs.
  • I’ve taught at schools where 90% of the students in my class would be on free or reduced priced lunches and breakfasts (because the parents are too poor to buy their children food to eat at school).
  • I’ve taught at a school where the 7th graders act more like teenagers and some simply got up in the middle of my class and ditched school.

But never have I have ever had the students that I have now. The students that I have now are perhaps the most disrespectful bunch I’ve ever seen and taught. You know all the rumors that kids these days have no manners, respect, discipline, or creative thinking?

Yep, I have a front row seat to that generation. Stay tuned for more.


2 thoughts on “An Introduction

  1. Such spoiled brats! It keeps getting worse each year. When I was an undergrad in college, I would have never dreamed of acting the way some undergrads do; one of my friends asked his professor for a REFUND because they “didn’t like the course” and “bought an expensive textbook that they didn’t read.”

    Oh, and yay for being first to comment 🙂

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