YMCA Story #1

Little+shit_41020f_4415869*In accordance of State and US Federal law, all the names of all minors mentioned here(children under the age of 18) have been changed to protect their privacy. Also the names of the school and employees and the YMCA have been changed to protect their privacy – as well as myself.  **Names with two asterisk indicate that the name has been changed in accordance to previous statement.

Incident #1. Date and time: Last week of November 2014 **Howard is 10 year old with a reputation of (what I’d later learn) of just being a “smartass” – a boy who doesn’t hesitate to talk back to teachers and adults and authority figures. I personally liken to describe him as having the knowledge and vocabulary of a college age adult with the emotionally maturity of a 10 year old (think of any of the kids depicted in the show “South Park”).

On to the story, the 5th graders that I was in charge of (around 15 of them) were being rambunctious one day – running all over the tables and chairs in the library (the place where I was assigned to have them). Out of the confusion I singled out Howard (because there were 5 boys just running and I just started “shooting” – getting the first boy I saw) and had this nice conversation (paraphrased):

Me: Howard, if you don’t stop running, I’ll give you a write up (a notice of misbehavior given to my boss that is also given to the school).

Howard: [turns towards me, grins, gives me a hands at hips power stance]. If you tell on me, I’ll tell my mom that you touched me. 

Me: Sure, you tell her that, I’ll just tell **Tom (my boss) what you told me and we’ll take it from there.

Holy shit…I’m surprised my Aikido training kicked in because I was *this close* to just slapping that kid. This little shit just thought he could get away with that shit and he just did. It’s funny, I got the feeling that he knew that adults can’t physically  grab him or reprimand him – therefore he knew he could say that and get away with it. So what happened? I did tell my boss and his mom and he got what basically amounted to a slap on the wrist – a verbal warning.

His mom was aware of his transgressions – but it felt like she was more tired of his antics rather than aggressively preventing and coming down on him. What a little shit Believe it or not, there are other 5th grades in the group that I have that are similar to Howard. I’ll include them in my next stories. Until then, peace out.


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