YMCA Story #2

Little+shit_41020f_4415869*By the way, all of these stories will be out of order – mainly due to me being lazy but also to the fact that the human brain is not capable of remembering exact details. 

February 3, 2015

There is this shed on school grounds where all of the sports equipment are stored. The kids have a period of outdoor time where they play various sports. That day I was the one directing the kids to put back the equipment, one of my 5th graders was playing around with a basketball when he yelled out this phrase:

“Hey, lets throw the ball to his [my] head!”

He was out of my peripheral vision, but I hear him loud and clear, I turned around and said “Hey!”
Unfortunately he went about his business. I’ll warn you guys now, this guy has a habit of shouting out “That’s child abuse!” whenever a leader (like myself) would confront him with his antics. This of course doesn’t help my situation since I can be rather confrontational.

What kind of 5th grader (a 10 year old!) shouts out that they want to – and encourage other kids to hit authority figures?! In the state of California, school employees and employees of organization working with kids are not allowed to physically or verbally reprimand students who act like (to put it bluntly) little shits.

I suspect that this boy who I’ll call *Max knows this law. I also suspect that he has free reign at home. Which reminds me a story that I need to tell for next time.

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