Post Valentine’s Day Rant

When it comes to dating, I prefer phone calls and or face-to-face interactions. I hate texting. I absolutely despite it – why?

Texting is very 1 dimensional. You can’t get any emotion of see what the person is really actually doing at that time. The fact that learning how to seduce via text (for men anyway) is the new fad doesn’t make my position any good.

A continuation from #1 – When i’m talking to a girl on the phone or face to face, I get to see her body language, hear her voice intonation, and her immediate responses to my own actions. I also get to see – and remember all of the above. This makes – in my opinion – a much more memorable experience.

But in the end, I have to use it – and it is really what I need to learn if I want to stay in the game.

Happy Singles Awareness Valentines day!


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