YMCA Story #3

Little+shit_41020f_4415869Taking the wings out of a lady bug.

Apparently this is more of a trend rather than a single event. Towards the end of my days at the Y, some of the kids from various grades started keeping lady bugs – in jars, boxes, etc.

Now keeping bugs has always been a past time/amateur hobby of kids since as far I can remember (even back to my own elementary school days).

However this was different. You see, some of the kids would pull the wings of the lady bugs so that they won’t be able to fly away.

That’s right – they would pull the wings off so that they won’t fly away.

I shit you not. I even asked a second grade girl who did this in front of my eyes (one of my favorite ones no less) “Why??” She simply responded…

“Why not?”

Holy shit, so not only are these kids weird – they seriously have potential to be sadists. I don’t remember my peers back in elementary school doing this. Even if that was the case – I certainly wouldn’t do that.

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