“You were not friendly enough”

No I was not caught seeing this! But given how “bored” I was – probably.

Oh for fuck’s sake.

At least it wasn’t my “fault” necessarily.

Those were the words out of my boss’s boss’s mouth during one-on-one meeting. Or what should have been our first 1-on-1 in the 2.5 weeks since I started at this job being the front desk kiss-ass of all trades clerk at a local non-profit. You see the reasons that I’ve come to remember boiled down to this:

Several customers that complained to the directors of the non-profit (board of directors? Damn I must be bad!) that I was “not friendly enough” and that I also came off as “off putting”.

I seemed very bored at work

I played around with my smartphone. In my defense, I did so only during down times (when no customers were entering the lobby). However I did notice I was “checking” it (social media…who knew!) and one of my supervisors actually whispered in my ear that people have noticed said behavior. However despite changes to limit my “bored” state – this was a factor in them letting me go.

I was told that I was more fit as a “technical” person who was in the “back end”.

And with that said – they let me go. There wasn’t even a discussion during this suppose it employee review time. The review was the firing.

However sad – and shocking! – it was for me at that moment (I barely said a word and left), I look back and realize “Good Riddance”. Fuck them – if a company doesn’t want to take a 5 minute pre talk to mold the employee to the image that they want, then they deserve to hire a 2nd rate replacement.

As for me? I have vowed that I will become such a great customer service connoisseur that the bitch who fired me would eat her own words from sheer surprise the next time we meet.

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