Training Journal: The Cookie, not the cookie cutter

Milk--Cookie-ShotsFor the past two training sessions my JW Sensei has been hammering into our heads the difference between learning technique and learning the actual movements.

He stated that the difference between focusing on improving the technique and improving yourself – is like focusing on getting a better cookie cutter vs. focusing on the process of making a cookie.

Confused? No

At my dojo we’ve always concentrated on being relaxed and “being present” versus focusing on improve our technique.

Over two training sessions, he stated that most Aikidoists (and I feel most martial artists in general) focus on getting the technique “right” – when in fact if one wants to get the technique “right”, one has to be present in their mind-body-feel presentness.

Basically, just be present and in the moment – and the act of baking your favorite “cookies” will come together.

Don’t focus on the cookie cutter. Don’t!

My take away? Focusing on the cookie cutter will only get you a nice cookie cutter. The cutter itself is just part of the process of creating the process. Besides, you don’t need a formal cutter in order to make cookies!

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