Who I am now, and who I will be

So I’m an INFP, Scorpio (with Scorpio rising)

ADD prone, with rampant “verbal dyslexia”

I’m a martial artist – an AIkidoist to be exact. I train 3-4 times a week. 5 – 6 times a week depending if I’m employed (!) and if I’m on a date. The answer by the way is yes – I have skipped training to go on dates (no regrets).

I’m also a Toastmaster. I’m a horrible debater according to the rules of my club though I’m near fearless on stage (according to me) and am working being a better speaker.

I’m climbing the corporate ladder, despite having been in 20 jobs in the past 7 years (that’s a record, right?). All because it is only now that I understand what makes me tick. And boy am I at a disadvantage.

I’m the Asian version of Edmund Dantes – 20 years of imprisonment at no fault to my own. But now that I’m free, my path of vengeance has begun.

Thanks for listening.


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