Spoiled by Martial Arts

The great George Carlin
The great George Carlin

After I got laid off at my position as a front desk clerk last month, I came to the realization that I’ve been seeing the world with rose-colored glasses.

Namely the ones that I inherited from training at my dojo for so long.

Now don’t get me wrong; my dojo has at various points in my life in the past 7 years been my sanctuary in a lot of ways. I was able to make mistakes martially, personally (at the cost of some friendships unfortunately), and emotionally.

However, my biggest mistake was seeing the world as if it was as easy going as what was going on the dojo.

Case in point: I have a tendency to yawn during training. Now my sensei has stated (almost weekly) that yawning is just a way of your physical and metaphysical body getting “more energy” and opening up. However in the non-dojo world this is seen as either boredom, laziness, tiredness, or all of the above.

Another more important point: I’ve grown fond of how my Sensei treats things – he has a very laid back attitude about things. A lot of people often come in late for night class because of work schedules. In addition often times he allow people to simply walk on the mat during class – provided we simply do the standard bow in.

Now concentrating on my job search I’ve found that the world is far from a sanctuary. It is filled with egos, agendas, bile, hidden agendas. and assholes who are willing to trample over people for said agendas.

And don’t even get me started with people who just want to be victims in this society (myself included but I like to say I’m wising up).

Or in the words of my Sensei: “the world out there is results driven; we [in the dojo] are process driven”.

Unfortunately the “world” is still stubbornly – even violently – results driven.

2 thoughts on “Spoiled by Martial Arts

  1. I like discipline in a dojo, maybe because in my life I do not have much of that, so I force myself at least in the place I care the most and I feel most natural, at home, but also my teacher now is more flexible than others before.
    But Dutch society is laid back: I might say as Norwegian (Nordic) society, they are not too much into discipline.
    On the other hand, job search (anywhere, even in easy going societies) is completely it’s own world. And it is a tough, violent, struggling world, very much based on the survival of the fittest, where though the parameters for this are set buy a special category of people called “HR”…
    I wish you luck in this phase of your life, and the dojo life is always a perfect balance to the job search “state of mind”

    1. Thanks Andrea as always! Yes this is brand new to me too. I never realized that the job search was so “cutthroat” until now – even through I’ve been through this before.

      As for my previous job, I’ve come to realize I had worked with a pretentious group of people who didn’t communicate their expectations of service. Therefore I was deemed “not friendly enough”.

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