The Roles we play in Our lives

quotivee_mobile_0009_I-didnt-change-I-just-woke-up.Growing up as children we would play these roles for various reasons. We play roles to fulfill, to emulate our parents, hoping that only will it please those in power, but also in the hope that by emulating their success (whatever degree it may be), it’ll bring us success.

Now of course at some point in our lives we have to decided for ourselves – as offspring – whether we should continue our roles that were either given to us or roles that we took upon ourselves. As men – and women we must chose on whether to we should continue these roles.

Should we continue continue the legacy of our forefathers?

Or should we be our own men – to choose to continue what our forbearers wanted us to be, or choose the path of our own. One that is free from what our forebears wanted us to be. One that is uniquely our own, one that is free from the chains of our forbearers.


I have chosen the later path

With that decision, I’m now automatically the rebel. As the first born son I’ve now been branded a traitor to all that my family stands for. The rebel, the traitor, the black sheep, the “weird one”. The one who left the family.


Thank god I finally came to my senses! My only regret is that I wished I had the courage to pursue this path 10 years earlier.


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