The Roles We Play in Our Lives, Part 2

quotivee_mobile_0009_I-didnt-change-I-just-woke-up.Growing up, we were expected to be usually copies of our parents.

We were either the “first born”, the “one with all of our [parents] hopes”, the ones who were expected to “carry on the family name”.

Many of these titles were bestowed upon us without question. Some were non-verbally given to us – an unconscious act by both parents and child(ren). Some were forced on us against our will. While others, it was merely forced on us because of circumstances that both parties are unaware of.

There comes however a time where every man must make a decision in his life. A decision that will alter the course of his life. He must make the choice on whether to continue his father’s (and/or mother’s) legacy…

…or to start fresh. To come clean and follow his own path.

Every man must make that choice.

I’ve come to realize that although this choice is easy in of itself, the journey is a hard one. You will leave the comfort of the “nest” and forge your own path. One filled with dangers, foul characters, and angst at every turn.

But it is the only way to salvation. It is also a choice I’ve chosen for myself.

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