Who I am

This critique was given to me by my resume/career coach today. I feel it’s fitting.

Andrew- this is my first gut reaction on your strengths and interests…
“I’m a walking oxymoron (“icy-hot”), and thrive on intensity.  I’m at my best when tested, training, or touting a team and product I believe in. As a fierce competitor and disciplined black belt, I’m laser-focused, calm, and creative under pressure. Where others shrink– I shine under “assault”. A gamer,  I rise to the occasion (whether demanding deadlines, feeling comfortable in “uncomfortable” situations of uncertainty, or creating order out of chaos and ambiguity. My written and oral leadership communication skills are best used in improv situations requiring steely poise under pressure and client/community-building while thinking critically on one’s feet. The greater the heat, the cooler I get in fast-paced, high-stakes, purpose-driven teams of passion. I’m doggedly determined, driven, and relentless in my pursuit of excellence.”
I hope everyone is having a great day thus far.

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