The Church, Part 1

It was a large rustic church; it looked at least a hundred years old given how much paint had peeled off the columns.

Still it had a quaint feel to it – like it had been used regularly at one point. Not bad for a little church in the middle of nowhere he thought. Give or take 20 rows on each side, there were still some bibles lying around on the rows, as if the place was still waiting for its congregation to return.

Church, LANDEWEDNACK, Cornwall, England.
Church, LANDEWEDNACK, Cornwall, England.

I took one wiff of the air in the church: “feels heavy”.

Looking straight ahead, contrasting the old rustic feel were the freshly lit candles all across the alter and platform.

“Someone’s waiting for something or someone…”

The patron saint of something was in full view at the alter, the flicker of the candles illuminated the shadow of the saint like a truth seeing light. Just like the religion itself – behind every saint, there is a shadow.

Strolling along the center aisle towards the alter, the footsteps echoed through the church, revealing the emptiness of the structure – somehow it seemed representative of its past life.

“Something’s not right.”

My attention was then drawn to a hooded figure sitting at the front row facing forward towards the saint. Hunched over; the robe was covering its entire body. There was something familiar with the presence of the figure, yet not…


It exploded onto him with the force of a car. It wasn’t my crush at all, but a banshee! The brown robe had disintegrated into a smoky dark blob with a skeletal face and hands perturbing out of the long sleeve hand holes.The black mass fly around like a black smoky comet screaming and yelling.

It was like someone scratching nails across a chalkboard, Like that times 3!

It flew all over the church screaming, but I never fell – I turned around to check for others – and there they were. A massive black wall of smoke bellowed out of the doors and ceiling with immense speed, quickly covering the all of the inner surfaces of the church. As the smoke continued flowing its way towards the center more and more banshees flew out of the smoke and sped along and went through me!

Searing pain, like a thousand red hot punches to the gut tore through my body as the banshees flew from their dark spaces and continued conquering the church. With what strength I had left, I staggered over to the exit where I had came, but looking up I saw that three of those things were blocking my way.

With a quick flick of my right arm, the sawed off shotgun was pointing at the closest and its explosive payload went flying straight towards them with the pull of the trigger.

But the shot went straight through the misty body of that one and hit harmlessly at the door behind it.

“What the fuck…”

My left arm came up to support the barrel as I pulled to release the next few shots – all to not avail. The forms slowly glided towards me despite the deadly unrefined iron and salt splashed everywhere.

Turning back, I saw what was a bigger hooded figure. Great – it’s the bigger brother (sister?) of the group. Standing there with the fog ever creeping closer to me I locked eyes with it. Then with the grace of a mini-earthquake a giant snake erupted from the body.

5 feet wide with a  grin that’d make the devil blush, it’s eyes pierced what light was left in the church and 10 foot long head coiled back with its body still attached to the hooded body it sprang from. Pulling out my katana, my body sensed the intense body heat detectors pick up the heat from my pounding heart – thought I didn’t had time when it finally struck me.

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