The Hot Dog & the Girl

fnd_SONIC-Croissant-Dog-news.jpg.rend.snigalleryslideIt was a weird 7 eleven anyway, but I figured that a place with no signage up in front couldn’t be too sketchy in this part of town. I walked in and was welcomed by a full stocked store with all the trappings of a 7 – 11: chips, salsa, high fructose corn syrup drenched candies and sodas.

Come to think of it, it was rather full for a 7 – 11. I mean usually there’d be at least something missing from the shelves – but seriously it was clean

Too clean…

But I really need something to eat and wasn’t going to let some suspicious looking store stop me. I continued along the aisles on the right side of the store.

Now the store had aisles on both the left and right side with the front door slightly on the right. In the center there was a clearing with a roundabout – like counter with  the cashier placed on several sides like sentry towers ready to fight off the occasional rabid coffee junky customer.

As I was walking along the right side of the counter, several laughers alerted me to the presence of 4 teenage girls standing in the far corner of the store.

4 girls; each of the no more than 17 years old were giggling and laughing with each other over at the fridge section. Walking just behind them about 20 feet away, one of them – an Asian looking girl – turned around and upon seeing me gave me the biggest doe eyes I’ve ever seen.

Now, I’ve seen plenty of doe eyes from girls – but this one was massive. As if I was Tom Cruise to her.

As I continued walking towards the back of the store towards the fridge area. Out of my peripheral vision she moved to the aisle closest to me, her eyes peeking out from behind the condoms

How ironic

Realizing that perhaps I didn’t need a frozen whatever, I moved towards the center and while looking down at my change, I felt a presence at the register.

Looking up, it was my Sensei

“Wada Sensei?!” My puzzled look masked my astonishment.

“Hi Andrew.” He smiled. Instead of the usual hakama and gi, he was wearing a white apron with a t-shirt, shorts, and white chefs cap. Hardly appropriate attire for a 7th degree black belt going to training in an hour, but I was too distracted to point it out. Anyway…

“Hey Andrew, I’ll give this to you this and this for free!” All the meaning while handing me a Rice Krispy Treat and a warm hot dog.
Me: “Oh, wow really?”
“In exchange I have a job for you, if you’re available this afternoon that will be perfect.”

I was still looking at him with some amazement – I could feel it by how large my eyes were. Out of the corner of my eye the girl was still looking at me.

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