Star Wars – The Fanboy Awakens [Warning: Mild Spoilers]

  1. Saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens. 7/10. I initially had 6.5/10 but then I realized that what I had thought to be lack of depth in the plot and characters were simply just similarities to A New Hope. Still, I hated that there was no in depth look into any of the new characters. There was also the parallels between TFA and A New Hope: wayward search for an obi-wan like character goes awry, unknown farm boy (girl in this case) is found and gets caught up in this whole “save the galaxy” deal.Not to mention: a.) track the Millennium Falcon (that ship is cursed in that way!) back to b.) the Rebel/Resistance base to save it from a Death Planet that blew up another planet that later in turn was destroyed by c.) a bombing run by a group of fighters.

    Not a bad way to repeat the series start a new one. I will certainly be watching the 8th episode along with the rest of the Jedi order horde, so I’m definitely looking forward to that.

  2. Speaking of Star Wars, my new celebrity crush is Daisy Ridley. Oh how you’re so sweet, delicate, yet deadly!
  3. JJ Abrams did a great job – even though I never once include any of the canon that followed the originals.
  4. Where the hell did Finn come from? It wasn’t like he has a history of anything.

Anyway – It was a good one watching with the girlfriend and others, but not one I’d go bonkers over it. Go and watch it!




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