The Martial Arts of Avatar: The Future

Now I’ve always been a martial arts fan…especially when it comes to Avatar.

In Legend of Korra (sequel to the original series), some styles were “modernized” to reflect the fast-paced, 1930s steampunk-isa feel of a world 70 years after the original series.

What if Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino were to update each of the martial arts that represented the bending arts in the (now dead) plans for a sequel? Especially one that will most likely take place in a period of space travel.

Well never fear, for Avatar Andrew is here! Here are my predictions if that were to happen.

Taekwondo/Hapkido for firebending
Fire has always been the symbol literally and figuratively of “attack, attack, attack”. So it makes sense that say in the confines of a space ship, a fire bender has the potential to be highly destructive since a fire bender’s power comes of the individual’s chi. 


Wing Chun/Systema for water bending
Tai Chi is a “soft style” martial art, using internal power vs. the raw power of say Shaolin or TKD. So if water bending were to evolve in the future of Avatar, I’d say Wing Chun or even Systema. You’re confined in a small ship and water is precious, even unavailable. You have to be quick, fast and decisive with your movements to quickly finish your opponent(s) off.
Wing Chun:


Muay Thai – earthbending/metalbending
Earth bending in LOK went through a lot of change from ATLA. Out were the stands of Hung Gar and in were the quicker footwork, waterbending – like movement of Republic City. I surmise that in the confines of a spaceship, earthbenders are going to be energy efficient and direct to the point – like Muay Thai.

Aikido – airbending
Why not my very own martial art for my brethren’s Avatar Aang’s original style. Martial art that is circular? Check. One that emphasizes peace and harmony? Check. One that puts emphasis on nonviolence? Check. 3 traits of an Airbender already down. I see why not!

The Founder of Aikido at various demonstrations


2 thoughts on “The Martial Arts of Avatar: The Future

    1. Sorry for not replying sooner; I don’t check my comments mainly because I don’t have too much traffic! In any case, I just realized that. Yoshinkan is definitely not as “flow-y”, but for this blog’s purposes, it’ll do.

      Nice to hear from you Rick, it has been a long time.

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