My Family’s Legacy of Misogyny

clever-writer-memeIn honor of International Women’s Day yesterday, I’m coming out with a bit of a confession of my own.

I grew up in a world filled misogyny – on both sides of the family. My uncles on my father’s side in particular were the ones that I heard from the most.

Not all of them mind you (I had 7), but looking back there was the unspoken resentment toward’s women. I guess this was a family thing.

One example – whom I’ll call Uncle B, flew to China when I was in elementary school specifically to find a wife. Naturally said wife was probably from a middle class family (earning less than $10k/yr USD) and didn’t know English.

Basically he was her only connection to the outside world when he brought her to the states. Fast forward about a decade and they (un)fortunately divorced. I say that with parenthesis when what happened in the next few years.

Long story short, she managed to open a few Chinese buffets in the area where she had lived and even went down to LA to open a few more.

As for her ex-husband (my uncle)? He now has not worked for the past decade. From what I know he lives survives off of the divorce payments that his wife pays yearly while caring for their now 18 year old son.

So what happened? I don’t know – but what I do know is his attitude towards his ex-wife and women in general.

A misogynist – a thorough, “stereotypical” misogynist

Back then I didn’t mind it – in fact I felt it wasn’t my place to question his words. Now looking back I realized that he is sorry excuse of a man

…Placing the blame of his problems on his financially more successful wife while not seeking any job for the fear of degrading his “sense of worth”. By the way, he often blames others for his problems regardless of gender. He’s also an unapologetic racist (his wisdom could be shared on a different day).

It’s said that say that quite a few men on both sides of my family exhibit this outlook – hell even some of the women hold this view of themselves.

End rant


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