The Grey Area of Dating

bench-e1422974904205-1024x684Never have I been so stumped – yet so deep (pun intended) – in this dating situation.

Dated a girl exclusively for about 8 months, and out of the blue decided that ” having a future with her wasn’t what I had imagined” one night after drinking.

Talk about me being smooth.

Long story short; that was a month ago and I convinced her that we should “just date” instead of being a couple.

Honestly, it was a long time coming – after our 6 month anniversary I decided (without telling her) to not have as physical contact as usual because it was distracting me.

Little did I know that it was the right choice: connecting the dots, I realized that personality wise she had a lot in common with my mother than I was comfortable with.

Is that grounds for a breakup? In this day and age of one-night stands and hookups and sustained relationship is considered a gem.

Part of me doesn’t want to break up – the “one bird in the hand is worth two in the bush” mentality. Or was it “don’t throw away a good thing”

But the other part realizes that having someone who has the personality of someone that people routinely avoid isn’t the most healthy of relationships anyway.

I can do a laundry list of the qualities that I’ve found not very pleasing – but the issue isn’t that she’s unfaithful or spiteful or a b*tch…

It’s that I’ve realized I appreciate – and dare I say need –  someone who is emotionally grounded, emotionally strong, and confident in their (current) place in their life.

True, my luck with women has been more or less good. But you want to make the most out of any experience, yes?

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