Average of 5 people

Thanks to Rick for shooting me this article as a response to my previous post.

Blaming one’s parents; I’ve done it for the vast majority of my life. For all of my teens and 20s, that’s what I did whenever something bad happened to me.

This is important because of a few things. But I’ll focus on one thing:

“You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with”

It sucks to admit to the people in my life that Jim Rohn’s quote rings true for me. I’ve discovered that I wasn’t – and in some ways should have been – more attentive about who I was around with during my teens and 20s.

For a long time I had “blinders on”; a statement that was coined by my therapist many, many times. After years of discussion back and forth, it was discovered that instead of being a “lazy” or “irresponsible” person, I had simply taken on the characteristics of my family. This was discovered after many sessions with my therapist.

It was then around 2 years ago that it dawned on me (and my therapist) that I was simply a carbon copy of the type of people my parents were while I was growing up. I asked my therapist if this was normal – the answer was (somewhat PC) that it depends on the child(ren). Some become their own people, some turn out better, some turn out the same. It all depends…

Upon this realization – I’ve come to accept that I had ceded responsibility of my life to outside forces – that like my parents before me, I was blaming others for problems that I should be solving and overcoming myself. Inside of fighting for my future, I had fallen into the trap that my parents had also fallen into – pity. Because pity is easier to do than realizing that you are a strong, self-confidence, resourceful, self-reliant young person.

Which leads me to my next post – hogging responsibility, blame, and regret.

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