My Parents

This past weekend I got to meditate on my parents and their role in my life. In doing that I was reminded of a conversation that I had in college with my best friend at that time. As children, we actually want what is best for our parents. Even the most rebellious, most self-destructive, most… Continue reading My Parents

If My Life (up till now) was a College Party

One of the great things of meditation is that you can do it anywhere, even if it’s only for a few seconds in the most randomness places. Such as 2 nights ago during a speech contest hosted by my club (that’s a different story). The epiphany was if my life was to be metaphorically represented… Continue reading If My Life (up till now) was a College Party

International Women’s Day

…brought to you by the women of Avatar. Today, March 8th, is International Women’s Day. With that said. I present to you the women/ladies of Avatar:The Last Airbender and its sequel, the Legend of Korra. I can’t think of a better positive representation of women than both shows. So without further ado, here they are:… Continue reading International Women’s Day

A Serious Case of Entitlement

With the trappings of living with your parents, comes the cage and enticement of entitlement. Last year, I quit my 2 month job at Whole Foods and left for what I had thought to be a lucrative job being a merchandizer for Levi’s Jeans. It turns out that position only lasted 2 months. Basically I… Continue reading A Serious Case of Entitlement

The Martial Arts of Avatar: The Future

Now I’ve always been a martial arts fan…especially when it comes to Avatar. In Legend of Korra (sequel to the original series), some styles were “modernized” to reflect the fast-paced, 1930s steampunk-isa feel of a world 70 years after the original series. What if Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino were to update each of the… Continue reading The Martial Arts of Avatar: The Future

The Martial Arts of Avatar

One of the greatest things about the cartoon series is that the creators based the fictional powers of “bending” on real life martial arts. Having trained in Aikido for 7 years, anything that realistically portrays martial arts in the media is always a pleasure. Note that Sifu Kisu was the chief martial arts advisor for Avatar: The… Continue reading The Martial Arts of Avatar

ENFP Fighting Style

Often times I’d search up random stuff online just out of sheer boredom or if I’d like to be distracted. Recently it has been about my MBTI personality; the ENFP and it’s fighting style. Yes I googled “ENFP fighting style”. This was what I got: Doesn’t exactly scream martial arts. Well here it is ladies… Continue reading ENFP Fighting Style

Star Wars – The Fanboy Awakens [Warning: Mild Spoilers]

Saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens. 7/10. I initially had 6.5/10 but then I realized that what I had thought to be lack of depth in the plot and characters were simply just similarities to A New Hope. Still, I hated that there was no in depth look into any of the new characters. There was also the… Continue reading Star Wars – The Fanboy Awakens [Warning: Mild Spoilers]

New Year’s Message – Gareth Emery

First off, happy new year! I have high hopes that this year is the year of changes for me, so I’m going to kick it off by sharing this New Years message from one of my favorite EDM (electronic dance music) artists –  Gareth Emery. I could only wish to emulate his success and excellence… Continue reading New Year’s Message – Gareth Emery