Poem – There’s No Rest for the Wicked

This is my first poem published here. Have some fun: There’s no rest for the wicked There’s no other word for it It’s like this huge pit that you just can’t forget it.  You know you fought for it The battle that you’re fighting isn’t a good fit But you’re still gonna go for it… Continue reading Poem – There’s No Rest for the Wicked

Thoughts on the Rise of the Dark Knight

*Will contain spoilers. You have been warned.  I shed tears at the end of the movie. I’m serious, there is my review of the Dark Knight Rises. That’s all you need to know. It was such a moving movie to me that I shed man tears at the scene where *supposedly* our hero dies. It… Continue reading Thoughts on the Rise of the Dark Knight

Batman Unmasked by the History Channel

Being the Batman fan that I am I found this just today while Youtube surfing. This is an interesting topic because Batman as a human – who doesn’t have superpowers, is very easily relatable because of that. He has no superpowers yet he able to stand head and shoulders with giants because of his willpower,… Continue reading Batman Unmasked by the History Channel

Batman is definitely Asian

Why? Here are the reasons: He’s studious. As in he looks for targets in his targets. Or wherever it hurts. He’s a great student – also being great at Biology, Chemistry, Archeology, kinestheology, criminology, and bunch of other “ologies” I can’t think up right now. He’s the quiet silent type that allows his actions to… Continue reading Batman is definitely Asian

8 Things that the Justice League has taught me…

…about life. Okay maybe not just 8 things but I’d say after watching over 30 episodes in the past few months has reminded how much I’ve learned about the world from a superhero heavy cartoon show. Aside from the awesome characters, starting from the 7 founding members to the expansion of the league at the 3rd… Continue reading 8 Things that the Justice League has taught me…

Batman: Mask of the Phantasm

Ran across this old movie just yesterday on Youtube and boy did it bring back some memories! I was only 7 years old when I first saw in theaters. I remember that day very well; one of my uncles had paid for the ticket. I had my eyes glued the whole time. The whole movie… Continue reading Batman: Mask of the Phantasm

Thoughts & Musings

Here’s the actual scene where this soundtrack comes into play: I’ve been recently entranced by this piece from the movie Batman Begins. I’ve forgotten the site but someone online had written a wonderful interpretation of this piece. In the first half of the song – according to the interpretation that I read, the child’s voice… Continue reading Thoughts & Musings