Average of 5 people

Thanks to Rick for shooting me this article as a response to my previous post. Blaming one’s parents; I’ve done it for the vast majority of my life. For all of my teens and 20s, that’s what I did whenever something bad happened to me. This is important because of a few things. But I’ll… Continue reading Average of 5 people

The Grey Area of Dating

Never have I been so stumped – yet so deep (pun intended) – in this dating situation. Dated a girl exclusively for about 8 months, and out of the blue decided that ” having a future with her wasn’t what I had imagined” one night after drinking. Talk about me being smooth. Long story short;… Continue reading The Grey Area of Dating

8 years ago…

I set out on a mission. I was depressed, discouraged, mentally weak, and lost. I came back to Silicon Valley hoping – more like wishing – that my return to help me find myself again. I returned to a place that had screwed me over so many times before. Messed with my mind, led me… Continue reading 8 years ago…

ENFP Fighting Style

Often times I’d search up random stuff online just out of sheer boredom or if I’d like to be distracted. Recently it has been about my MBTI personality; the ENFP and it’s fighting style. Yes I googled “ENFP fighting style”. This was what I got: Doesn’t exactly scream martial arts. Well here it is ladies… Continue reading ENFP Fighting Style