My Parents

This past weekend I got to meditate on my parents and their role in my life. In doing that I was reminded of a conversation that I had in college with my best friend at that time. As children, we actually want what is best for our parents. Even the most rebellious, most self-destructive, most… Continue reading My Parents

The Roles We Play in Our Lives, Part 2

Growing up, we were expected to be usually copies of our parents. We were either the “first born”, the “one with all of our [parents] hopes”, the ones who were expected to “carry on the family name”. Many of these titles were bestowed upon us without question. Some were non-verbally given to us – an… Continue reading The Roles We Play in Our Lives, Part 2

The Roles we play in Our lives

Growing up as children we would play these roles for various reasons. We play roles to fulfill, to emulate our parents, hoping that only will it please those in power, but also in the hope that by emulating their success (whatever degree it may be), it’ll bring us success. Now of course at some point… Continue reading The Roles we play in Our lives