The Grey Area of Dating

Never have I been so stumped – yet so deep (pun intended) – in this dating situation. Dated a girl exclusively for about 8 months, and out of the blue decided that ” having a future with her wasn’t what I had imagined” one night after drinking. Talk about me being smooth. Long story short;… Continue reading The Grey Area of Dating


After 20 years, I’ve come to the realization that relationships – all kinds; professional, personally, emotional, romantic, etc. – need to be constantly refreshed if you want them to be successful. Just because you “got” the relationship doesn’t mean that you are set. I’ve come to realize that I need to constantly attend to them.… Continue reading Relationships

Time Traveling, Pt.1

It’s hard to imagine a time without Aikido. One of the reasons why┬áI say this because today I found myself looking at photos of my ex-girlfriends of years past. Many of them – in fact all them – were in my life before the level of martial proficiently that I am at now in the… Continue reading Time Traveling, Pt.1