My name is Avatar Andrew

…and I am the fastest man alive.  When I was a child I was forced to let go of my dreams, given my family’s dysfunctional ways. Scared for my safety and repeatedly reminded that I was impossible, I was forced to forfeit my journey to greatness. As a result, I went into a depression that… Continue reading My name is Avatar Andrew

The First Day of the Rest of My Life

Much like how the morbidly obese man finally got rid of 200 lbs and transformed himself and his life around, I will do the same not with my body, but with my state of life Much like how this man went through a life of drugs and bad company and turned himself around, I will… Continue reading The First Day of the Rest of My Life

My Aikido Journey, Part 1

I’ve been blogging for a good 3 years now with a half a year hiatus, and recently in the past months I’ve been contemplating just why the hell am I blogging for and what is this blog for? I felt that this is a good time to “reveal the cards”; don’t ask me the specifics!… Continue reading My Aikido Journey, Part 1

Movie Review: The Wolverine + Reflections

I don’t go to the movies often nowadays, simply because ticket prices are at ridiculous levels and I don’t have great people to go with most of the time. But my cousin Danny and I hadn’t hung out in a while and I had promised him that I’d go see Wolverine with him. So 4… Continue reading Movie Review: The Wolverine + Reflections

Philosophy: The Art of Being Alone

There are many times during the week that I spend time alone. Since I don’t work full time, most of my days are spent alone at cafes typing at this blog, checking Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail excessively. There are times that I find these times refreshing – I am an introvert after all – but… Continue reading Philosophy: The Art of Being Alone

Martial Wisdom – March 7

All thought is partial, it can never be total. Thought is the response of memory, and memory is always partial, because memory is the result of experience; so thought is the reaction of a mind which is conditioned by experience.  ~ Bruce Lee (from “Striking Thoughts: Bruce Lee’s Wisdom for Daily Living”)

An Unexpected Explosion

A night ago something came inside of me while I was doing pull ups at a park near my house. It was night and I was at my favorite coffee shop. I had gone into the dark, across the street and into this said park to do exercises in the kid’s jungle gym. While alone… Continue reading An Unexpected Explosion

The Loss of Fun

This is a question for all my adult readers out: As an adult, do you feel that you cannot be a kid again? One of the things I didn’t have as a kid was the ability to be myself; what I mean by this is that I do not have – and was not able… Continue reading The Loss of Fun

The 800 lb Gorilla in my Heart

I have always had this beast inside of me –  very energetic and tenacious. I remember growing up in my elementary school years how keeping this “beast” down is often a challenge; often resorting to me having a very short temper and very fiery attitude towards those who I deemed that time to be wrong.… Continue reading The 800 lb Gorilla in my Heart