This quote is a perfect explanation as to why I want to improve my life in the way I want to. And yes, I do have a big ego! Nothing is more damning in the mountains than hubris, yet hubris is fundamental to climbing mountains. All serious mountaineers possess big egos. You cannot take on… More Hubris

Who I am

This critique was given to me by my resume/career coach today. I feel it’s fitting. Andrew- this is my first gut reaction on your strengths and interests… “I’m a walking oxymoron (“icy-hot”), and thrive on intensity.  I’m at my best when tested, training, or touting a team and product I believe in. As a fierce… More Who I am

The Sore Loser

I’m a sore loser. I was hanging out with friends yesterday at one of their homes playing Uno. many of them had won at least one round – while I was the only one who had won a round after 5. I can’t explain it, but it seemed that after my friends started asking me… More The Sore Loser