The Sore Loser

I’m a sore loser. I was hanging out with friends yesterday at one of their homes playing Uno. many of them had won at least one round – while I was the only one who had won a round after 5. I can’t explain it, but it seemed that after my friends started asking me… More The Sore Loser

Training Journal: The Cookie, not the cookie cutter

For the past two training sessions my JW Sensei has been hammering into our heads the difference between learning technique and learning the actual movements. He stated that the difference between focusing on improving the technique and improving yourself – is like focusing on getting a better cookie cutter vs. focusing on the process of… More Training Journal: The Cookie, not the cookie cutter

The Beast Within

I’m an INFP Probably the un-beastly beast out there. Which also explains all of the mishaps, pitfalls, failed-attempts, and failures that I’ve had in my entire life up till now. I had a personality test a few years back, stated that I was a ISTP – that was a good read, but I remember thinking… More The Beast Within