Jupiter in Libra and Astrology Shenanigans​

I have a big confession to make: I’m an astrology nerd. No I’m not one of those who plan out the day around the planets. But I am a man of knowledge and discovery. It all started some years ago: I forgot what exactly happened but it all started with me learning about my Sun… Continue reading Jupiter in Libra and Astrology Shenanigans​

My Parents

This past weekend I got to meditate on my parents and their role in my life. In doing that I was reminded of a conversation that I had in college with my best friend at that time. As children, we actually want what is best for our parents. Even the most rebellious, most self-destructive, most… Continue reading My Parents

If My Life (up till now) was a College Party

One of the great things of meditation is that you can do it anywhere, even if it’s only for a few seconds in the most randomness places. Such as 2 nights ago during a speech contest hosted by my club (that’s a different story). The epiphany was if my life was to be metaphorically represented… Continue reading If My Life (up till now) was a College Party

Average of 5 people

Thanks to Rick for shooting me this article as a response to my previous post. Blaming one’s parents; I’ve done it for the vast majority of my life. For all of my teens and 20s, that’s what I did whenever something bad happened to me. This is important because of a few things. But I’ll… Continue reading Average of 5 people

My name is Avatar Andrew

…and I am the fastest man alive.  When I was a child I was forced to let go of my dreams, given my family’s dysfunctional ways. Scared for my safety and repeatedly reminded that I was impossible, I was forced to forfeit my journey to greatness. As a result, I went into a depression that… Continue reading My name is Avatar Andrew

What Not to do – by my Father

So I’m not visiting my father today Now before any of you criticize me for not being a good son, let me explain. The relationship between my father and I is distant at best – even though he’s always been physically there in my life. There was a lot of bitterness and coldness – something… Continue reading What Not to do – by my Father

Poem – There’s No Rest for the Wicked

This is my first poem published here. Have some fun: There’s no rest for the wicked There’s no other word for it It’s like this huge pit that you just can’t forget it.  You know you fought for it The battle that you’re fighting isn’t a good fit But you’re still gonna go for it… Continue reading Poem – There’s No Rest for the Wicked

The Grey Area of Dating

Never have I been so stumped – yet so deep (pun intended) – in this dating situation. Dated a girl exclusively for about 8 months, and out of the blue decided that ” having a future with her wasn’t what I had imagined” one night after drinking. Talk about me being smooth. Long story short;… Continue reading The Grey Area of Dating

My Family’s Legacy of Misogyny

In honor of International Women’s Day yesterday, I’m coming out with a bit of a confession of my own. I grew up in a world filled misogyny – on both sides of the family. My uncles on my father’s side in particular were the ones that I heard from the most. Not all of them… Continue reading My Family’s Legacy of Misogyny

International Women’s Day

…brought to you by the women of Avatar. Today, March 8th, is International Women’s Day. With that said. I present to you the women/ladies of Avatar:The Last Airbender and its sequel, the Legend of Korra. I can’t think of a better positive representation of women than both shows. So without further ado, here they are:… Continue reading International Women’s Day