Post Valentine’s Day Rant

When it comes to dating, I prefer phone calls and or face-to-face interactions. I hate texting. I absolutely despite it – why?

Texting is very 1 dimensional. You can’t get any emotion of see what the person is really actually doing at that time. The fact that learning how to seduce via text (for men anyway) is the new fad doesn’t make my position any good.

A continuation from #1 – When i’m talking to a girl on the phone or face to face, I get to see her body language, hear her voice intonation, and her immediate responses to my own actions. I also get to see – and remember all of the above. This makes – in my opinion – a much more memorable experience.

But in the end, I have to use it – and it is really what I need to learn if I want to stay in the game.

Happy Singles Awareness Valentines day!


YMCA Story #2

Little+shit_41020f_4415869*By the way, all of these stories will be out of order – mainly due to me being lazy but also to the fact that the human brain is not capable of remembering exact details. 

February 3, 2015

There is this shed on school grounds where all of the sports equipment are stored. The kids have a period of outdoor time where they play various sports. That day I was the one directing the kids to put back the equipment, one of my 5th graders was playing around with a basketball when he yelled out this phrase:

“Hey, lets throw the ball to his [my] head!”

He was out of my peripheral vision, but I hear him loud and clear, I turned around and said “Hey!”
Unfortunately he went about his business. I’ll warn you guys now, this guy has a habit of shouting out “That’s child abuse!” whenever a leader (like myself) would confront him with his antics. This of course doesn’t help my situation since I can be rather confrontational.

What kind of 5th grader (a 10 year old!) shouts out that they want to – and encourage other kids to hit authority figures?! In the state of California, school employees and employees of organization working with kids are not allowed to physically or verbally reprimand students who act like (to put it bluntly) little shits.

I suspect that this boy who I’ll call *Max knows this law. I also suspect that he has free reign at home. Which reminds me a story that I need to tell for next time.


It took me the majority of my twenties to rediscover this, but I’m come to accept that I’m a very intuitive man. I’m in the middle of making a decision on my future – at least something that I’ll be doing for the next few years of my life. A few weeks ago I found this article and video that gave me hope that I wasn’t wacky and weird compared to the rest of the world. For the first time ever in my life, I have some semblance of personal peace!

Below is an excerpt from the book Affirmations for the Inner Child by Rockelle Lerner

My intuition is grounded in reality.
I trust in my intuition and honor its place in my decision making.
I do not have to understand all that my intuition picks up with its finely tuned antenna.  My intuition may direct my senses to observe minute details.  Someone may sound good and say the right thing but my intuition collects other data.  Body language and tone of voice may elicit painful memories and my intuition is the first to respond with alarm.
I did not trust my intuition growing up in a dysfunctional family.  Reality was denied in countless ways and I received no validation for my inner voice that spoke the truth.
Today I will accept that my intuition is grounded in reality.  I will consult that valuable part of myself and listen to its sage advice as I make decisions.

I also saw this video not too long ago. Very interesting – a man who quite literally trusted “his gut” and succeeded. I like the fact that he had goals and such, but there was only a semblance of objective planning on his part.

Now if only trusting one’s balls were just as good!

YMCA Story #1

Little+shit_41020f_4415869*In accordance of State and US Federal law, all the names of all minors mentioned here(children under the age of 18) have been changed to protect their privacy. Also the names of the school and employees and the YMCA have been changed to protect their privacy – as well as myself.  **Names with two asterisk indicate that the name has been changed in accordance to previous statement. Incident #1. Date and time: Last week of November 2014 **Howard is 10 year old with a reputation of (what I’d later learn) of just being a “smartass” – a boy who doesn’t hesitate to talk back to teachers and adults and authority figures. I personally liken to describe him as having the knowledge and vocabulary of a college age adult with the emotionally maturity of a 10 year old (think of any of the kids depicted in the show “South Park”). On to the story, the 5th graders that I was in charge of (around 15 of them) were being rambunctious one day – running all over the tables and chairs in the library (the place where I was assigned to have them). Out of the confusion I singled out Howard (because there were 5 boys just running and I just started “shooting” – getting the first boy I saw) and had this nice conversation (paraphrased): Me: Howard, if you don’t stop running, I’ll give you a write up (a notice of misbehavior given to my boss that is also given to the school). Howard: [turns towards me, grins, gives me a hands at hips power stance]. If you tell on me, I’ll tell my mom that you touched me.  Me: Sure, you tell her that, I’ll just tell **Tom (my boss) what you told me and we’ll take it from there. Holy shit…I’m surprised my Aikido training kicked in because I was *this close* to just slapping that kid. This little shit just thought he could get away with that shit and he just did. It’s funny, I got the feeling that he knew that adults can’t physically  grab him or reprimand him – therefore he knew he could say that and get away with it. So what happened? I did tell my boss and his mom and he got what basically amounted to a slap on the wrist – a verbal warning. His mom was aware of his transgressions – but it felt like she was more tired of his antics rather than aggressively preventing and coming down on him. What a little shit Believe it or not, there are other 5th grades in the group that I have that are similar to Howard. I’ll include them in my next stories. Until then, peace out.

An Introduction

So for those of you who don’t know, I was a substitute teacher for a few years actually.

  • I’ve taught at schools where the biggest problem were kids not doing their homework.
  • I’ve taught at schools where both parents earn at least $250,000/year – and it shows with their 11 year old sons and daughters having the latest iPads and Samsungs.
  • I’ve taught at schools where 90% of the students in my class would be on free or reduced priced lunches and breakfasts (because the parents are too poor to buy their children food to eat at school).
  • I’ve taught at a school where the 7th graders act more like teenagers and some simply got up in the middle of my class and ditched school.

But never have I have ever had the students that I have now. The students that I have now are perhaps the most disrespectful bunch I’ve ever seen and taught. You know all the rumors that kids these days have no manners, respect, discipline, or creative thinking?

Yep, I have a front row seat to that generation. Stay tuned for more.


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